October 5, 2022

Why I’m Signing Up For The Capital One Venture X

As soon as the pandemic’s grip on travel eased last year, I gave in to…

Why I’m Signing Up For The Capital One Venture X

As soon as the pandemic’s grip on travel eased last year, I gave in to my pent-up wanderlust. Since July 2021, I’ve gone on a trip every month.

Traveling is an expensive hobby. I wouldn’t be able to afford such frequent trips without credit card rewards and bonuses. I funded a lot of my travel last year with my card earnings.

That’s why, when the Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card launched two months ago, I was so excited. I found this card to be a trailblazer, a game-changer—the card that would allow frequent travelers on a budget to get into the premium travel card space with all its perks and benefits.

Now, I’m finally ready to hit the apply button—and here are all the reasons why.

Reasons to sign up for the Capital One Venture X

The Venture X offers a generous sign-up bonus

The only reason I haven’t already applied for the Venture X yet is timing. It hasn’t been right to earn the bonus.

The card boasts a 100,000-mile bonus once you spend $10,000 within the first six months. That’s more than $1,600 in card spend per month, which is a bit higher than I’d normally be comfortable committing to.

However, I’m moving across the country in June, and that comes with high costs, including paying movers, arranging car transport, booking a trip for apartment touring and more.

I’ve spent some time planning and saving for these expenses. Now it’s time to start making things happen.

Thanks to these expenses (and my patience for saving money and cash back), I’ll be able to knock off about a fourth of the spend requirement in my first days with the card.

The rest should be relatively easy.

The Venture X can save me money

I’d like a more premium travel credit card to have perks that make travel more comfortable. However, being budget-minded, I find the popular luxury cards like the Chase Sapphire Reserve® ($550 per year) and The Platinum Card® from American Express ($695) too expensive for me at the moment.

Their value justifies their cost, but such a high single charge would mean I’d have to significantly cut my expenses for the month when it’s due.

The new Capital One Venture X, on the other hand, only costs $395 per year and has some of the most popular perks the Chase Sapphire Reserve and the Amex Platinum offer.

The card also more than pays for itself, thanks to $300 in annual credits for travel booked with Capital One and an annual bonus of 10,000 miles ($100 worth of travel).

Plus, the revamped Capital One Travel portal has some excellent money-saving features, including price prediction, price drop protection, price match guarantee and others. This is much more than what other issuer portals are currently offering and I can’t wait to use these features.

Finally, the Venture X is advertising a limited-time offer: up to $200 back in statement credits for vacation rentals booked within the first year. This will help me save on lodging when I go apartment hunting before my move. Convenient!

If you’re interested in this offer, keep in mind that it might not be available soon. A Capital One customer service representative told me on a call that it’s currently set to expire six months after the card’s launch, meaning it may be gone in May.

The Venture X can make travel experiences more comfortable

I don’t only travel often, but sometimes I also travel far.

My family lives in Russia, and I try to visit at least once a year. The last time I went, I had two layovers both ways and one of them was longer than four hours. It was a bit of a nightmare.

That’s why I’ve been dreaming about premium credit card perks that make travel more comfortable, like access to airport lounges and expedited airport security.

The Venture X comes with a complimentary Priority Pass. This membership offers access to a global network of over 1,300 VIP airport experiences that include airport lounges, restaurants and more.

On top of that, cardholders get free access to Capital One lounges. There’s currently only one location open at Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) International Airport, but two more are set to open this year—at Denver International Airport (DEN) and at Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD).

Another thing I’ve been wanting for a while is Global Entry.

As you can imagine, the last thing I want after an 18-hour journey from Russia is to stand in a line to go through customs. Global Entry can help with just that. It’s a program designed to provide expedited entry through American customs for those frequently traveling outside of the U.S.

The program also includes TSA PreCheck, which offers faster security screening in U.S. airports.

The Venture X can help to cover the costs of either program with an up to $100 statement credit every four years for the initial application fee and consequent renewal fees.

The Venture X offers Hertz President’s Circle status

When I travel in the U.S., I often end up renting a car.

I’m partial to buses and trains, but many cities leave a lot to be desired in terms of public transport. Uber and Lyft are convenient but get expensive quickly.

Renting a car gives me the flexibility to move around freely and on my own time. But being all about saving money, I usually pick an affordable option and spend the trip missing my car with its leather seats, lane sensors, CarPlay and self-parking capabilities (a shameless parallel-parking hater here).

I’m hoping the Capital One Venture X can help me with that. The card offers free enrollment in Hertz President’s Circle status, with guaranteed upgrades and an opportunity to pick any vehicle at Hertz Ultimate Choice airport locations on top of other perks.

In other words, I might pay for a Mazda 3 and get an Infiniti—if I’m very lucky.

I can’t wait to see how this works in practice and have better car rental choices at an acceptable price.

The bottom line

An affordable premium travel credit card that provides both saving opportunities and luxury perks is something I’ve been waiting for in the credit card market for a while.

I’m looking forward to applying for the Capital One Venture X. My 2022 looks like it’ll be full of expenses and exciting travel plans. This card can help me with both.

Wish me luck with my application!