April 16, 2024

Touring the Historical Sites of Houston, Texas

Houston may be best known for its nightlife and incredible sports teams, but there’s so much more to this great city than that! History runs deep here, connecting hundreds of years together through the stories of people who have lived here and the incredible acts that have been accomplished.

If you’re ready to see what Houston’s really about, these are the historical sites to check out.

Battleship Texas

This massive ship started being built over 110 years ago and was launched for the first time in March of 1914. Although it led a long life as a United States Navy New York-class battleship, it’s been a part of the national registry of historic places since December 1976.

Here you can explore what life was like for the sailors, what they lived like, and experience how mind-boggling large this ship is in person. The tours are guided, but you’ll still feel a slight worry of getting lost on this massive structure.

1940 Air Terminal Museum

If you want to catch one of the most interesting historical sites while looking at houses for rent in Houston, it’s time to check out the 1940 Air Terminal Museum! Located at William P. Hobby Airport, this awesome air terminal museum was the first purpose-built terminal for passenger flights in Houston.

Only recently added to the NRHP as of 2019, this is a great stop to get to know a little aviation history and get a clear view of how far this city has come in the last 80 years.

Bishop’s Palace

At home in Galveston, Bishop’s Palace (also known as Gresham’s Castle) is an incredible near-20,000-square-foot Victorian-styled home. Built between 1887 and 1893, this property not only survived the Galveston Hurricane that claimed thousands of lives but it’s also been able to withstand every hurricane since then with only minor repairs and fixes.

This building is a proud part of Houston and Galveston iconography and helps show that it takes a lot more than hurricanes to stop the people of this state.

Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens

Designed by John F. Staub, Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens is a gorgeous 15-acre property that allows you to vanish into fantasy while you’re here. This facility houses the Museum of Fine Arts of Houston and is the former home of philanthropist Ima Hogg.

Although it’s been through several changes and updates throughout the years, the neoclassical architecture with regency touches allows it to keep that same appeal that has pulled people in for decades.

Space Center Houston

There’s no mention of Houston without talking about the space center! Space Center Houston is a gorgeous science museum that stands as the official visitor center of NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston. This is a fantastic stop that’s spent the last 30 years bringing fun and education to locals and visitors alike.

Houston Will Amaze and Educate!

Whether you’re in town for the weekend and want to catch some history before you hit the beach, or you’re thinking about moving here and want to know the area better: Houston has a lot of history in it. Get to know this city, and you’ll fall in love with it.