May 25, 2022

This TSA-Approved Hydrating Body Wash Keeps Skin Soft While Traveling

Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If…

Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission.

Some people stress the importance of not forgetting about your skincare routine when you’re traveling, but for me, the emphasis is always placed more on bodycare. It’s easy to pack small skincare items like thin bottles of sunscreen, tiny jars of moisturizers, and slim tubes of hydrating serums, but it’s harder to pack a typical bottle of body wash or cream without resorting to mini, 3.4-ounce-or-less bottles that don’t carry enough product to last you for more than a week and a half, tops.  

That’s why I always slightly dread traveling to destinations with dry climates where, without my favorite body washes and lotions from home, my skin easily cracks, leading to itchy rashes. Thankfully, a solution came across my desk a few weeks ago when Curie sent its Whipped Body Wash for me to try. It has quickly become my go-to for keeping my skin hydrated when I’m traveling; even better, it’s only $16 and TSA-approved to bring in carry-on suitcases. 

Since the whipped body wash is, as its name suggests, a consistency resembling whipped butter, it’s not technically a liquid and therefore completely TSA-compliant to pack in your carry-on. That’s not to say it’s dense like cold butter: It’s so fluffy and soft that using Curie’s body wash is like washing your body with fresh whipped cream. It’s made my skin so smooth and hydrated that it’s also my go-to body wash at home. 

What’s more, each jar of Curie’s body wash is made with recyclable plastic instead of glass, so I’m less worried about it potentially shattering in my luggage when I bring it on a trip. The whipped body wash can even double as shaving cream, so you can eliminate one more thing from your packing list. 

It’s my favorite way to keep my skin hydrated, soft, and comfortable when I’m traveling, and I’ll always make space for Curie’s Whipped Body Wash in my suitcase going forward. Order it now for $16 in one of three scents (white tea, orange neroli, and grapefruit cassis), or get it in a mini three-pack for just $24 now