February 29, 2024

These Are the Happiest Cities in Alberta

Alberta is one of the best provinces in Canada, yet it is often overlooked for…

Alberta is one of the best provinces in Canada, yet it is often overlooked for ones like British Columbia or Ontario.  When we move, we want so much more than just the promise of a metropolitan area. It’s vital that we find happiness and a chance to live life the way we want to.

These are the happiest cities in Alberta, and why it’s worth considering moving to any of them?

What Makes Alberta So Happy?

Although there are tons of places to move in the world, most of them can feel one-note.  You move to a metropolitan area with a lot of jobs, or you move to a rural area without many amenities, and you might still feel like you’re missing something that you’re looking for.

Thankfully, Alberta has everything you could need.

Not only does this province have beautiful cities and rural areas with tons of city amenities, but it’s a genuinely happy place to live.  There’s a fantastic sense of community, affordable living, and countless things to see and do that will keep you entertained and happy as long as you live here.

1.  Jasper

Jasper is a gorgeous provincial park that is one of the best examples of small-town charm and big-city amenities getting tied together.  In the summer, this area feels like camp 24/7, allowing you to build community and keep active.  In winter, when the tourists leave due to the cold, you get to enjoy the best views in the world while keeping connected with locals.  It’s easy to feel like you’re part of a big family here.

2.  Calgary

Calgary is the second largest city on this list, but it has a lot going for it that you don’t need a big city for.  Not only are there hundreds of years of cowboy culture here, which culminates in the yearly Calgary Stampede, but there’s also a slower lifestyle that encourages a work-life balance.  On top of everything, Calgary homes for sale are some of the most affordable in the nation!

3.  Edmonton

Community is big in Edmonton too!  This city puts a huge emphasis on connecting with other people and understanding where your place is in the world.  This is an amazing place to live if you want to feel a connection to others and enjoy the city life while doing it.

Is It Worth Moving for Happiness?

Some can be unsure about the idea of moving for happiness, but it’s one of the most important things you can do!  Not only is it great for your mental and financial health, but it’s also a better area to raise a family and start a future.  How your mental health is will affect almost every other part of your life, so why not move somewhere that will have a positive impact on it?

Alberta is a Dream Come True

Whether you’re considering moving to Alberta for the great economy or simply to find a little happiness of your own, you’ll never find a better place to live.  Consider checking out some of these fantastic cities for your next move!