February 21, 2024

The Best Travel Bags For Your Long Weekend Getaways

If you’re planning a weekend getaway and still dragging your old heavy suitcase, it’s time…

The Best Travel Bags For Your Long Weekend Getaways

If you’re planning a weekend getaway and still dragging your old heavy suitcase, it’s time that you really need a change. Weekend getaways are meant for lightweight and hassle free travel bags that deliver design and functionality. These travel bags can be one of the most efficient and practical luggage options. They are both sturdy and light, come with more compartments than standard suitcases and often are compact enough to carry anywhere. For example, look for bags that come with a pocket designed for your headphones or water bottle. With so many options, it can get quite confusing for most buyers. So, how can you choose the right travel backpack for you and your travel needs? Which are the latest styles to pick for a weekend getaway? If you’re bothered by these questions, we advise you to scroll down and get all your answers right here.

Check Out These Latest Travel Bags For Your Getaways

We have listed some of the stylish travel bags for you:

1. Backpack Style

If you love hiking and planning a weekend hike, you already know that a backpack is your best friend. They’re durable, easy to carry and literally can fit all your essentials. Look for the ones that are water-resistant and comes with padded shoulder straps for ease of carrying.

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2. The Duffel Bag

As a carry-on, duffel bags are a lot more convenient than lugging around a suitcase. It is the perfect pick for a day trip or a short trip where rolling a suitcase is a pain. You can neatly pack your clothes and not worry about carrying bulky bags. And while at it, why not make a chic style statement? Choose from a range of colours and designs.

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3. The Travel Tote

If you’re like us who cannot stop munching all the way, a travel tote is a perfect carry-all for your essentials. They’re oversized enough to take care of all your necessities. If you’re a light packer, they can suffice you for a weekend trip too.

4. Messenger Bag

Messenger bags are another great option, and are usually secured with a buckle, clasp or zipper. Wear it as a fashion purse and we are sure your travel photos are going to create a buzz.

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How To Choose The Best Travel Bags According To Your Needs

Here’s what you need to look out for when buying travel bags:

1. Consider Its Size And Weight

An easy travel bag must be big enough to hold everything you plan to pack. A smarter design in a smaller pack will encourage you to select what you are packing carefully and make a big difference in the long run for easier travel.


Say no to heavy suitcases for weekend travel

2. Know All Its Features

Lightweight travel bags offer many more features than traditional luggage. Nowadays, these backpacks come with water bottle holsters, external compartments to hold snacks, waterproof designing, etc. Hence, you must really consider these essential features and find a pack that works.

3. Comfort Is King

Since you will be carrying the travel bags with your hand unlike the traditional luggage with wheels, make sure they are comfortable for your shoulder and back. Most importantly, the bag’s straps should be well-padded and with adequate support. Another important point is whether a bag has a back panel or not, even a mesh layer behind the pack can give you comfort.


Choose easy, comfortable bags to carry

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