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best credit card for travel

Looking For Travel Insurance? Here’s What Your Credit Card Covers—And Doesn’t Cover – Forbes Advisor

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Stop me if you’ve heard this advice already. If you’re looking for travel insurance, you should first check your credit card to see what it covers. You might already have all the insurance you need.

When Ed Stein got that tip, he checked his credit card. It turns out his Chase Sapphire Reserve card covers “many things,” including lost luggage, trip delay and roadside assistance. In fact, the Chase Sapphire Reserve is Forbes Advisor’s pick for the best credit card with travel insurance.

“I also have Medicare

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best credit card for travel

4 Ways for Couples to Maximize Their Credit Card Rewards

It’s simple, easy, and even fun to team up with your partner and earn more back using rewards credit cards.

Earning credit card rewards is often done alone, but it doesn’t have to be. Couples who work together can benefit quite a bit, potentially even doubling their total credit card rewards.

This is often referred to as earning rewards in two-player mode, and some of the strategies can be different from those you’d follow alone. Here are some tips to help you and your partner get the most value from your credit cards.

1. Decide which type of credit card

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