September 24, 2023

KABUTA Luggage Trunk x Backpack secures your valuables

Stay stylish and secure at airports, train stations, and more with the KABUTO Luggage Trunk…

KABUTA Luggage Trunk x Backpack secures your valuables

Stay stylish and secure at airports, train stations, and more with the KABUTO Luggage Trunk x Backpack collection. The Trunk locks with your fingerprint and charges your devices. Meanwhile, the Backpack doubles its capacity. Keep reading this blog post to see how this luggage can make your travels safer and more convenient.

Keep your important items safe while you travel with the KABUTO Luggage Trunk x Backpack. This fingerprint-locked trunk and expandable backpack luggage set give you stylish security. The trunk has a fast, secure fingerprint lock that’s TSA approved. And the backpack doubles its volume from 9 to 18 liters, giving you plenty of space for your necessities and valuables.

If you dream about traveling in a reopened world, you’ll want to be ready for it. And having the right bag can help. The KABUTO Luggage Trunk x Backpack solves many of the typical hassles travelers face and then some. It secures your valuables, has a removable front pocket and backpack, recharges your devices, and so much more. Can you travel without the luggage hiccups? You bet you can with this set.

KABUTO Luggage in a video

Keep your luggage safe with a fingerprint lock

Want to keep the contents of your luggage safe from prying hands? The KABUTO Luggage Trunk makes that possible. Its fingerprint lock keeps your items biometrically secure, and only your finger can open it. In fact, this TSA-approved biometric sensor stores up to 10 fingerprints and unlocks with just a touch. There’s no key to keep track of a code to remember, and that’s what makes this fingerprint-locked Trunk so secure.

This fingerprint-locked trunk and expandable backpack make travel easier and more secure KABUTO Luggage Trunk x Backpack
KABUTO Backpack on a person

Recharge your devices—even your laptop

Long flights can drain your device’s battery—especially if you watched a new series in the air. But you won’t have to give up on entertainment or work mid-travel thanks to the KABUTO Luggage Trunk. You can choose between two airline-approved batteries to recharge as you wish.

The 30-watt 10 mAh smartphone battery has USB-A, USB-C, and micro USB hubs. It gives you enough power to charge your phone up to 5 times. Meanwhile, the 60-watt, 20,000 mAh laptop battery has 2 USB-A ports and 1 USB-C port. It charges your smartphone up to 10 times, your 13″ MacBook up to 3 times, or a 15″ MacBook twice.

The batteries are removable and store conveniently in the front pocket. The pocket is conveniently positioned to charge a device internally. But if an exterior charge is better for you, you can always use the integrated charging hub.

Enjoy a lightweight, durable suitcase

Are you tired of lugging a heavy suitcase around the airport? Bulky, unwieldy luggage can be a thing of the past with this fingerprint-locked trunk. It’s been tested against the industry’s highest standards and weighs just 10.4 pounds. This makes it easy to push from terminal to terminal and a breeze to hoist onto inter-airport transit.

What’s more, the Makrolon shell uses the best polycarbonate out there, and it’s designed to stand up to pretty much anything. So the KABUTO Luggage Trunk can stand up to your heavy-duty travel.

Snap the Backpack and front pocket on and off

Keep your valuables with you after you’ve checked your KABUTO Luggage Trunk with the proprietary snap-on pocket and KABUTO Luggage Backpack. They attach via a Fidlock system that holds up to 22 pounds. Just store your jewelry, cash, and important documents in these bags while they’re secured to the KABUTO Luggage Trunk. Then, simply snap them off to take them with you.

Keep everything in its place with modular compartments

You won’t have to dig through a mess of clothes in your suitcase just to locate your belt with this fingerprint-locked trunk. It comes with modular compartments that provide a place for all of your items. So if you’ve got camera gadgets you want to contain to a particular area of the KABUTO Luggage Trunk, the flexible interior walls allow you to do that. Also, the included packing cubes and suit sleeve keep your finest apparel folded and protected.

Get upright access with the innovative Trunk

Need to find something in your suitcase quickly? Those last-minute searches are always stressful, but this fingerprint-locked trunk makes them easier thanks to its upright design. Yes, you can access the KABUTO Luggage Trunk’s entire contents without opening it on the floor for your fellow passengers to see. It lets you find what you’re looking for on the go without having to stop and lay your whole suitcase on the floor.

Enter a room silently with the ultra-quiet wheels

Another hang-up of typical rolling luggage is noisy wheels. They’re loud and clackity, and it feels like people can hear you coming from a mile away. This fingerprint-locked trunk, however, is nearly silent. Its wheels have metal bearings and real tires. This results in a nearly silent tread, allowing you to attract less attention while you move.

Check out the premium backpack

The KABUTO Luggage Backpack features high-quality materials and was made in the same factory used by Dior and Montblanc. It boasts an anti-theft YKK zipper, water-resistant fabric, and so much more. Let’s take a look at it

Expand the Backpack’s capacity

You could probably use more space while you travel, and the KABUTO Luggage Backpack provides it. The bag actually has hidden magnets that release as pressure builds and incrementally expands capacity from 9 to 18 liters. That’s double its original load. Best of all, it gives you a structured look without zippers.

Convert the Backpack’s style

Even better, the KABUTO Luggage Backpack can change styles. Its convertible design allows you to wear it as a backpack when you’re on the move or rotate it to an elegant briefcase for a meeting. The process is easy. Just turn the KABUTO Luggage Backpack and pull out its secret strap.

Enjoy multiple pockets and colors

The KABUTO Luggage Backpack also has pockets for your essentials. These compartments give you a designated spot for sunglasses, passports, a computer mouse, and so much more. It’s easier to stay organized when you have a place for everything, and the KABUTO Luggage Backpack provides that. Best of all, it comes in 4 colors: Black Silver, Dark Blue, Stone Grey, and Nude.

This fingerprint-locked trunk and expandable suitcase set is innovative luggage for a reopening world. With the KABUTO Luggage Trunk’s Fidlock-enabled, biometrically sealed design and the KABUTO Luggage Backpack’s expandable capacity, you have everything you need for convenient, stylish trips. Meanwhile, the KABUTO Luggage Trunk can even charge your devices. Can travel be as good as it was before? With this luggage set, it’s even better.

The KABUTO Luggage Trunk x Backpack typically costs $429. You can preorder it for $299 on Kickstarter. What kind of luggage are you looking to buy? Tell us about your ideal suitcase in the comments.

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