This week’s New Year’s broadcast of Eye on Travel is coming from Santa Maria Bay and the Montage Hotel Los Cabos in Baja California Sur, Mexico. Peter has the latest updates on travel — from airline cancellations and delays to new cruise ship warnings. Then, Simon Calder, Senior Travel Editor for The Independent, in London, discusses the hot new travel trends for this new year. Michael Clinton, Author of ROAR: Into the Second Part of Life (Before It’s Too Late), talks about how people are reassessing where they want to live and work and how that has changed how they think about travel. Then, we dive into Los Cabos. Radio host and journalist Claudia Velo with a report on how Los Cabos has rebounded safely amid the pandemic and what it is doing differently now. And Ella Messerli, Vice Chair of the Board at Center for Responsible Travel, on how Los Cabos is doing cutting edge sustainability work. Marco Ortlam, Managing Director of the Montage, tells the remarkable story of how the hotel survived during the pandemic, and in a business now dominated by staff shortages, cared for its employees and was able to bring everyone back. Then, one of my favorites, Enrique Silva of Tamarindos, on his amazing 35-acre farm and restaurant. It’s the definition of farm to table, since you’re also picking the ingredients! There’s all this and more on this year’s first episode of Eye on Travel.