December 4, 2023

Designer Mom Reveals How To Pack 30 Items Into A Backpack For A Weekend Trip

How to pack everything you need to travel with a baby. Holly & Tanager As…

Designer Mom Reveals How To Pack 30 Items Into A Backpack For A Weekend Trip

As a mom who loves to travel, I always find myself hitting the road with way too much luggage. But with so much to pack (toddlers come with a lot of stuff), it seems only a million bags will suffice. But, one designer created a travel backpack to solve that very problem. And she showed me just how to fit 30 items into her one tote. 

Holly & Tanager co-founders Lindsay Lingle and Kathryn Rogers designed The Pro Backpack Tote to be the ultimate travel bag. It converts from a backpack to a tote to a cross-body bag and has specially-crafted compartments capable of seamlessly fitting 30 items at a time. Think three slip pockets for phones, pens, business cards, and an interior padded laptop sleeve to accommodate 17″ laptops. Plus, there’s a bottom compartment separate from the rest of the bag with dual zipper access on either end, which is excellent for dirty and heavier items.

After Lingle had a baby 18 months ago, the compartments evolved into spaces perfect for traveling moms. 

“What makes the Pro so great is that the method behind how I would pack the Pro as a business traveler is how I pack my bag as a mom on-the-go,” Lingle told me. “I keep all my diapers and wipes in the separate bottom compartment, allowing me to easily grab them as I need them, without having to dig through everything else I’m carrying (and it’s a lot).”

The bag’s back also has a zipper compartment the length of the bag, which can be used as a suitcase sleeve or a compartment to keep a changing pad. It’s the perfect height for a changing pad and keeps it accessible. Then, in the top compartment, you can pack everything you need from moment to moment, like snacks, a sippy cup, hand sanitizer, toys, and so on. Meanwhile, the laptop sleeve is perfect for a coloring book or iPad to keep kids busy on the go. And as a backpack, it also means moms can be hands-free and carry (or chase after) their kids.

While the Pro bag has been around for a few years, the co-founders made tweaks over the years to achieve travel bag perfection. Structurally, the bag is consistent with the first iteration with the top and bottom compartments and laptop sleeves. What has changed over time are all results of direct feedback from customers. 

“For extra security, we added the envelope flap to the top of the bag,” said Lingle. “We have also taken great care in choosing materials that are meant to last and love. For our new Pro, we transitioned to sustainable materials, starting with recycled nylon made from pre-consumer waste that conserves petroleum resources.”

In addition to being sustainable, the new nylon material is water- and dirt- resistant, as well as being very lightweight. The lightweight of the fabric paired with the redesigned comfortable straps makes the bag great for packing a lot without being burdened by the weight

The newest nylon version is currently available in black, grey, navy, sage green, glacier blue, and sunshine yellow and is priced at $290.