May 25, 2022

Columbus, GA hotel inspection reports January 2022

Table of Contents Restaurants that scored an ‘A’ include:Other scores dinged The Ledger-Enquirer has compiled…

The Ledger-Enquirer has compiled a list of the best and worst health scores for Muscogee County hotels from Dec. 1, 2021, to Jan. 7, 2022, from the Georgia Department of Public Health.

Most hotels received an “A” grade. But two Muscogee County hotels received scores in the low “C” range.

Restaurants that scored an ‘A’ include:

Other scores dinged

Extended Stay of America, 5020 Armour Road, received a score of 73, a “C,” on Dec. 17. The inspector, Britanny Holt, noted dead bugs and dirty tubs and sinks in the report.

Holt noted a dead bug on a fitted sheet in Room 306. She also observed “several dead bugs” on the floor in the same room, the report says.

According to the report, the hotel is to be kept in such condition to prevent rodents, flies, roaches, bed bugs and other insects. This can be done through the use of pesticides by licensed professionals, according to DPH.

The room was closed and, according to the report, “will remain closed until cleaned properly and bugs removed.”

Holt noted the ventilation system not working inside the bathrooms in 11 rooms. Plumbers were scheduled to repair the systems Dec. 23, according to the report.

“Toilet, lavatory, and bathing facilities shall be mechanically ventilated,” the report reads, noting that the hotel has 30 days to correct the violation.

The inspector described furniture in all of the rooms as “not in good repair.” She also observed a mattress pad missing in Room 306. A housekeeper stripped the bed and placed a mattress pad on it during the inspection, according to the report.

“Floor, walls, ceilings, windows, doors and all other appurtenances shall be of sound construction, properly maintained in good repair and shall be kept clean,” according to DPH.

La Quinta Inn and Suites at 2919 Warm Springs Road received a score of 76 on Dec. 14.

The inspector, also Holt, observed the hotel offering food items without a proper food service permit.

Holt observed waffles, not commercially prepackaged, in the reach-in cooler in the lobby. The waffles were wrapped in sandwich bags by hotel staff and placed in the cooler for customers to self-serve, according to the report.

Holt also observed containers of orange juice and creamer offered for customer self-service but not stored in single-service original containers or bulk dispensers.

The hotel had 24 hours to correct this.

Holt noted “several chairs” in the hotel rooms as having stains and “not kept in good repair.” A desk in Room 107 was also noted to be in “poor condition.” The hotel had 30 days from the day of the inspection to correct this, the report says.

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