July 5, 2022

Best Visa Credit Cards of February 2021

Table of Contents Rewards Visa credit cardsCash back Visa credit cardsTravel Visa credit cards0{d54a1665abf9e9c0a672e4d38f9dfbddcef0b06673b320158dd31c640423e2e5} APR…

Best Visa Credit Cards of February 2021

There are quite a few different types of Visa credit cards. A card’s features determine which type of card it is. Keep in mind that a Visa card can belong to multiple types. For example, if a Visa card earns cash back and has a 0{d54a1665abf9e9c0a672e4d38f9dfbddcef0b06673b320158dd31c640423e2e5} intro APR, then it would be both a cash back Visa card and a 0{d54a1665abf9e9c0a672e4d38f9dfbddcef0b06673b320158dd31c640423e2e5} APR Visa card.

It’s much easier to choose a credit card when you know which type you want. Here are all the types of Visa credit cards and how they work.

Rewards Visa credit cards

With a rewards card, you earn rewards any time you make a purchase. The type of rewards you’ll earn depends on the card. The most common are cash back, travel rewards you can use for travel purchases, and store rewards you can use for gift cards at the store that issued the card.

Cash back Visa credit cards

These Visa cards earn cash back, so they’re considered both rewards cards and cash back cards. You can typically redeem your cash rewards for a statement credit on your credit card bill, a deposit to a bank account, or a check in the mail. Cash back Visa cards are easy to use, making them a great choice for beginners and anyone who wants uncomplicated credit card rewards.

Travel Visa credit cards

Travel Visa cards earn rewards you can redeem for travel purchases. Depending on the travel credit card, rewards are usually referred to as either points or miles. Although there can be more of a learning curve with these Visa cards, they can help you save lots of money on expensive travel bookings. A good travel rewards credit card won’t charge a foreign transaction fee.

0{d54a1665abf9e9c0a672e4d38f9dfbddcef0b06673b320158dd31c640423e2e5} APR Visa credit cards

This type of Visa card has a 0{d54a1665abf9e9c0a672e4d38f9dfbddcef0b06673b320158dd31c640423e2e5} intro APR that applies to purchases you make. The card issuer won’t charge you any interest on your purchases during the intro period. You could save money financing expensive purchases with a 0{d54a1665abf9e9c0a672e4d38f9dfbddcef0b06673b320158dd31c640423e2e5} APR Visa card. Because the APR goes up when the zero-interest offer ends, it’s recommended you pay off your balance before that happens.

Balance transfer Visa credit cards

These Visa cards also have a 0{d54a1665abf9e9c0a672e4d38f9dfbddcef0b06673b320158dd31c640423e2e5} intro APR, with the difference being that it applies to balance transfers. That means you can move over balances from other credit cards. In some cases, you can also transfer other types of debt. The advantage of a balance transfer Visa card is that it helps you save money on interest while paying down debt. Be aware that you’ll likely have to pay a balance transfer fee.

Student Visa credit cards

These cards are aimed at college students who are building credit for the first time. They usually don’t have as many features as the top credit cards. However, they may have perks designed with students in mind, such as bonus money for good grades.

Bad credit Visa credit cards

These Visa cards are for consumers who have bad credit or don’t have much of a credit history yet. Since they’re primarily for increasing your credit score, they’re typically light on other benefits. Many credit cards for bad credit require a security deposit upfront, but cardholders can often get their deposit back after making enough on-time payments.