September 24, 2023

Best laptop backpacks on Amazon

What are some of the best laptop backpacks? Laptop bags vary in shape, size, and…

Best laptop backpacks on Amazon

What are some of the best laptop backpacks? Laptop bags vary in shape, size, and colors. The key features of a laptop bag are what help customers decide. Without a bag, it gets difficult to carry a laptop from one place to another.

Are you also struggling with carrying your laptop? We have got you covered!

Investing in a good-quality laptop backpack is always a good idea. You can keep your laptop safe and handy. Your hands and arms will not have to go through the pain and trouble of carrying a heavy laptop.

In this post, we have combined a list of bestselling laptop backpacks. The different features and designs are highlighted for you to choose from.

What Factors Should I Consider When I am Looking for A Laptop Bag?

What Factors Should I Consider When I am Looking for A Laptop Bag?

When you are trying to decide which laptop bag to choose from, there are so many other options to consider. There are certain factors that you should consider to make this investment worth it.

When you shop for laptop bags, you should consider these three main factors: the size of the bag, accessibility, and comfort.


Size is the main component that you should look at when you make your decision. The size determines how easy it will be for you to travel with your laptop and the storage that it had for you to store extra items, including a computer.

The laptop bag should be compact and light so that when you fill it, it does not put a heavy load on your back. Although, you will have to keep in mind the size of your laptop. You cannot buy a 15-inch laptop bag for a 17-inch laptop.


There are two types of access configurations for slim laptop backpacks – top-load and zippered. If you like a spacious and organized bag with different zippered compartments, you should opt for zippered bags as they have many separate containers for storage and easy access.

Whereas, if you prefer one large compartment without many different-sized pockets, you should go for the top-load backpack. So, pick the one that suits your style.


This is probably the most critical factor when you choose any kind of bag or backpack. If your load is not comfortable to carry, you might as well keep it at home. Comfort helps at times when your laptop backpack consists of many items making it heavy.

If the straps are padded and adjustable, they will add to your comfort. If you purchase one of the best laptop backpacks, it will come with a luggage strap that you can tie to your suitcase and carry around for a comfortable and convenient journey.

Best Travel Laptop Backpacks on Amazon

Travel laptop backpacks can be a key component of your overall travel journey. Especially if you bring your work with you, a travel backpack is something that needs to be sturdy and resilient. Here are some of the best travel laptop backpacks on Amazon.

Matein Travel Laptop Backpack

Matein Travel Laptop Backpack

Rating: 5 out of 5

Price: $25.99

Amazon’s best seller travel backpack is very spacious and comfy. There is a laptop compartment made separately with many pockets in the front room.

This backpack has a good storage space with a roomy compartment to place all your extras such as a charger, notebooks, and other necessities.

The back of this backpack has a comfortable airflow with a soft and sturdy ventilated multi-panel padding for the comfort of your back. The shoulder straps are padded with soft and thick foam and are adjustable according to your preference.

Along with the padded shoulder straps, a luggage strap is also attached to the laptop bag. This helps in traveling. If you plan on traveling soon, this is the right kind of laptop that you should purchase.

The luggage strap helps to fit the backpack on the suitcase so that it is easier to carry. Moreover,
it has a hidden theft pocket to protect your valuable items from the eyes of any potential stealer.

The messenger bag comes with an in-built USB port with a charging cable. You can quickly charge your phone while walking around.

If we talk about the quality, the material used is durable and of high quality. The polyester material used for the backpack is water-resistant. Thus, a perfectly safe and long-lasting choice.


Best Shoulder Bag

Targus Classic Slim Briefcase

Targus Classic Slim Briefcase

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Price: $20.00

If you are looking for a budget-friendly shoulder bag, then this is the best pick for you.

This laptop bag has enough space for you to carry all your essential files, keys, documents, and business cards. It can quickly bring a 15-inch-to-16-inch laptop and includes models with extended batteries.

The laptop compartment is padded with foam which helps to protect the laptop from other items in your bag. This shoulder laptop bag is a perfect gift for office-going professionals.

The laptop case consists of adjustable metal zipper pulls and soft padded handles that make it easy and comfortable to carry.

On top of it, this backpack comes with a limited lifetime warranty making it a trustworthy and reliable purchase.

The slim-style laptop bag is not just affordable but also very trendy. Adding onto the stylish looks of those who prefer traveling light, making it the best laptop backpack to go for.


Best Laptop Backpack for College Girls

Kenneth Cole Reaction

Kenneth Cole Reaction

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Price: $52.49

If you are looking for a backpack that matches your girly vibe, then this is the best laptop backpack for you. It is high in quality and weather-resistant, which makes it durable for the long run.

This is not just an ordinary backpack; it is a multi-function backpack. It consists of two main zipper compartments with internal pockets, which can be used to keep your essential items such as your wallet, credit card, keys, etc.

The design includes a USB charging port on the backpack side, which provides easy access to charging your phone when you are on the go.

You can also utilize this laptop bag by fixing the luggage strap to the trolley for convenience in case of traveling.

This unique multi-functional bag has a padded back that keeps your back comfy and protects your laptop against bumps or scratches.

Moreover, it has side pockets that can be used as a water bottle pocket. The front compartment also has space for carrying your small essentials. All these qualities make it a perfect backpack for all occasions and activities.


Best Laptop Backpack with An Insulated Cooler

Lunch Backpack Travel Laptop Backpack

Lunch Backpack Travel Laptop Backpack

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Price: $59.99

Do you spend most of the time outdoors? It may be due to work purposes or long hours of classes at school. We have a perfect fit for you.

This backpack allows you to store food for long hours without it going stale. This is possible because of the insulated lunch box compartment feature. The insulation is lined with thick foam and aluminum layers to keep warm food warm and cold drinks cool for a few hours.

The backpack has one big compartment with a laptop sleeve attached to it. Two side pockets can also be used as a water bottle holder and two front pockets.

It can be used for multi-purposes. For example, you can use it for an outdoor picnic or to keep your laptop in and carry it to work.

This laptop bag has an external USB port for charging, card pockets for easy access to your cards, and a hidden anti-theft pocket for you to keep your valuable items in.

The quality of the backpack is incredible. The laptop bag is durable and water-resistant. All these features add to the backpack being one of the best sellers.

Moreover, it comes in a bundle deal, a travel backpack, and an insulated backpack.



This post covers the factors that should be considered when choosing the perfect laptop backpack for yourself.

According to the kind of work they do, there are different requirements and preferences for all according to the type of work, from college students to professionals. With the information about features, comfort, and accessibility given above, you can smartly choose what fits best.

This list will help you shortlist the best backpacks available, and with the details available, you can surely pick out the best one according to your preference.

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