March 31, 2023

Best Black Friday Flight & Hotel Deals

We know, we know, that one day of the year that you’ve been waiting on…

Best Black Friday Flight & Hotel Deals

We know, we know, that one day of the year that you’ve been waiting on all year is almost here, and you’ve been making a list of all those items that you’re ready to scour the internet for–at that steal of a deal that we expect to find at the ready for us to snag as part of our Black Friday bargain shopping activities. The deals and steals abound on this day in particular, but if you’re looking to save some money on a vacation to either your favorite destination or your dream location, Black Friday may offer you that fantastic find of a travel deal that you’ve been looking for. We’ve done some of the digging for you and uncovered these travel deals just for you, because ‘tis the season and we don’t need a reason to spread the love! Ready, set, get to booking one of these Black Friday travel deals before they’re all gone!


1. 3-Day Cruise 

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With the blustery winter month of February right around the corner, you may be wishing you had a way to put winter on pause and soak up the sun someplace fun, right? Well, what if we told you that you could book a quick trip now and enjoy it later, just when the weather gets nippy and the going gets right? If that sounds good to you, go on ahead and mark your calendars for February 10-13, 2023, then dash on over to the Carnival Cruise website to snag this three-day cruise deal from Long Beach, California to Ensenada, Mexico. Be prepared to save as much as a whopping 74% on an inside cabin for two, and up to 52% (peep the math peeps, that more than half!) off of a luxuriously spacious suite for two. Dining and onboard entertainment are included in your cruise cost, and for a few extra coins you can splurge all you want on alcoholic beverages, sightseeing and excursions onland if you’re feeling froggy. Or, if get all the way there and then make up your mind (cause Tabitha Brown said that’s your business) to focus on some much-needed rest and relaxation, you can take some of the money you’re gonna save by booking this Black Friday travel deal and treat yourself to that massage or wellness treatment on the water that will get your mind right for your return land and back to real life. 

2. Santorini Greece Hotel


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The Amaya Selection of Villas offers some of the most picturesque views that the quaint Greek town of Santorini has to offer, and with this travel deal you won’t have to spend precious time traveling from the airport to your accommodations, because the airport is under 30 minutes away. Just over $1k per person will get you roundtrip airfare and two nights’ accommodations (January 12-January 15). That price includes their most basic room, but with beautiful views of Santorini’s Caldera area and includes an outdoor hot tub, so chances are you’ll feel like you’ve reached heaven no matter where on property you choose to stay. Restaurants, historic ruins, cafes and castles offer lots of sites to see if you tear yourself away from the charm of these villas (many have tried, maybe you will succeed!).

3. 7-Night Europe

This last-minute European cruise deal could be just what the doctor ordered to end this year on a high note and make some wonderful memories on the high seas that will serve you well into 2023 and beyond. If this deal sounds too good to be true you’ll want to run, don’t walk  over to to score this flash travel deal before it expires on November 28th. Once you lock in this seven-day adventure by sea to Amsterdam, Germany, France and Switzerland, you can take a moment to catch your breath and take it all in, then call your friends and family to brag about how fancy and free you’re living! And if they start to hate on you because they’re lowkey jealous, you can really get ‘em by telling them about the 24-hour room service, alcoholic and specialty drinks, complimentary bicycles at port and even shore excursions that are included in your deal. You’re welcome. 

4. Hawaii Hotel

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Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world can be found in Honolulu, HI, and this travel deal allows you to experience Waikiki Beach (just one minute away) as well as all that the area has to offer. While Waikiki Beach offers nature lovers miles of dreamy views to take in, water skiing and diving offer the sports lover some fun as well. Hiking, biking and horse-riding are also offered nearby, and the nearby yacht club and golf course could be worth exploring as well. The hardest part of booking this deal may just be figuring out what to fit into your stay, but sorry we’re not sorry! You’ll thank us later. 

5. Nashville Getaway

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If you’ve never experienced all of the wonder that 1 Hotel has to offer at its signature brand of sleek and sustainable hotels, you’re in for a real treat. Breathtaking hotel views may make it difficult to tear yourself away from your hotel digs to explore all the rich culture and nightlife that Nashville has put itself on the map for, but it’s worth snagging this deal while the snagging is good, and then giving it an honest try. Nearby attractions like the Nissan Stadium, Ryman Auditorium and Music City Center may just offer enough of a lure to get you outdoors and exploring the culturally rich Nashville area. Take this as a warning–you may find yourself quite content to stay in and just take in the world that is 1 Hotel–trust us, it’s filled to the brim with loads of thoughtfully crafted moments waiting for you to step into.



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