December 2, 2022

Antonio Brown Indecently Exposes Himself to Guests at Hotel Pool

Antonio Brown is in the news again, and it had nothing to do with post-football…

Antonio Brown Indecently Exposes Himself to Guests at Hotel Pool

Antonio Brown is in the news again, and it had nothing to do with post-football music career. It’s related to a vulgar incident. Video footage obtained by The New York Post showed Brown shoving his bare buttocks into the face of a stunned woman in a outdoor swimming pool at the Armani Hotel in Dubai. The incident occurred on May 14. Brown also exposed his private parts to the woman, who initially laughed off the attention but quickly swam away to avoid Brown.

Eyewitnesses said Brown had just met the woman and she was fuming after being violated. Two eyewitnesses also told The Post that Brown continued to flaunt his private parts several times after the recording ended and asked the woman: “You want it?”

While most in proximity of the situation where shocked by Brown’s repulsive behavior, there were others who reportedly egged on Brown, yelling “Yeah!” “Another one!” and “AB!”

A hotel staffer told The Post that Brown was asked to leave the hotel shortly after the occurrence. The hotel had also received earlier complaints from other guests about Brown ignoring the United Arab Emirates dress code customs by flaunting his bare chest to guests inside the hotel, and smoking what they believe smelled like marijuana in his room, which would violate the country’s law.

Antonio Brown was in the United Arab Emirates to see his business partner Floyd Mayweather Jr., fight an exhibition in Abu Dhabi and perform as the boxer walked into the ring.

The NFL suspended Brown for eight games in 2020 for multiple violations of the league’s personal-conduct policy. Brown’s suspension stemmed from his no contest plea to burglary and battery charges from an incident in Florida, and accusations he sent intimidating texts to a woman who accused him of making past unwanted advances toward her. Brown was released by the New England Patriots in September of 2019 following the sexual assault allegation and remained unsigned for the remainder of the season.

In April of 2021, Brown resolved the civil dispute with his former trainer Britney Taylor, who had accused Brown in a lawsuit filed in September 2019 of sexually assaulting her on three occasions.

Taylor had alleged in the civil lawsuit that Brown sexually assaulted her on two training trips in June 2017 and then raped her in Miami in May 2018.

Brown is currently a free agent and his career is pretty much over, as there’s been a slew of scandalous acts by the troubled receiver over the last several years. With the Dubai incident being the latest.