July 6, 2022

Alert for woman who fled Perth hotel quarantine not issued for hours

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Alert for woman who fled Perth hotel quarantine not issued for hours

An Australian woman who escaped from hotel quarantine in Perth’s CBD, sparking an intensive search, has been found by police.

Jenny Maree D’Ubios, 49, was seven days into her mandatory 14-day quarantine period when she fled the Pan Pacific Hotel yesterday morning.

Police said she was found at a Perth hospital overnight and taken into custody.

She has been charged with breaching the Emergency Management Act.

Ms D’Ubios was last seen walking along Adelaide Terrace in Perth’s CBD at 10:20am on Saturday, but authorities did not alert the public for more than nine hours after her escape, despite the potential risk to community health.

It is unknown if Ms D’Ubios is COVID-19 positive.

It is understood she refused to take a COVID test on her second day in quarantine.

Ms D’Ubios is an Australian citizen who has been living in Spain for several years, working as an alternative health practitioner.

In the video posted on social media at 6:54am yesterday, Ms D’Ubios said she intended to leave the hotel.

“I’m going to be walking down there, I’m going to be telling those security guards if they lay a hand on me, every single one of them will be subpoenaed and charged.”

A woman carrying bags and towing a suitcase with a mask lowered around her chin.
Jenny D’Ubios was captured on security cameras after she left hotel quarantine.(Supplied: WA Police)

The Pan Pacific is not a high-risk quarantine hotel, and there was no police guard to prevent Ms D’Ubios from escaping.

In an earlier Facebook post, the woman said she “chose to walk into a hospital and ask them to initiate on my behalf … [for] my health and mental wellbeing”.

She said she wanted a “non-toxic safe place to quarantine.”

“That’s all I am asking for so they don’t pump me with antihistamines or allergy drugs to cope with the toxic environment,” she wrote.

In other Facebook video posts, she expressed scepticism about coronavirus.

“[The Government] is going to use an army to mass vaccinate you for a 0.03 per cent contraction rate for a virus that doesn’t exist,” Ms D’Ubios said in one such post.

She is due to face Perth Magistrates Court later today.