November 29, 2022

8 Best Cat Backpacks in 2022

ORIZZP/Pecute In the market for a cat backpack? You might already be familiar with a…

8 Best Cat Backpacks in 2022
8 Best Cat Backpacks in 2022


In the market for a cat backpack? You might already be familiar with a cat carrier, which typically comes with a strap to go over your shoulder or a handle that you carry by hand. Cat backpacks have entered into the scene as more and more influencers are hiking and adventuring with their cats outdoors — you’ve probably seen the trendy clear backpacks that look like bubbles. Whether you’re ready for your cat to partake in your adventures, or you just want a hands-free option for traveling with your kitty, you’ll need a proper bag to wear around your shoulders. And since you’ll be carrying precious cargo, you’ll want to give this purchase due diligence.

According to Dr. Paola Cuevas, MVZ, veterinarian and animal behaviorist with Pet Keen, cat backpack carriers are a great tool for cat parents to use. “Their intended use is during adventures outside the home. Cat backpack carriers allow you to provide a safe space for your cat if there is any danger around, or simply to bring [your cat] in if it’s getting tired during long walks or hikes,” Dr. Cuevas says. “Additionally, in some cities, cats should be kept inside closed carriers to use public transportation; backpacks make this comfortable and convenient for the owners as well, as they are more ergonomic and easier to move than carrier boxes.”

In rounding up the best cat backpacks for this story, I considered many factors. Safety is always first. I prioritized ventilation, security, and weight capacity. Then comes your own comfort level. After all, you will be walking around with your cat in tow. Lastly, special features and design were taken into consideration, including extra storage, expandability, and locking zippers.

Ready to dive in? Here are the best cat backpacks to buy in 2022.

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Best Breathable Cat Carrier


Expandable Cat Backpack Carrier

Product Specs

Weight Limit 18 lbs
Height 17.32 inches
Width 10.63 inches
Length 13.39 inches

Trendiest Cat Backpack With Window


Pet Bubble Backpack

Product Specs

Weight Limit 12 pounds
Length 27.5 inches
Height 16.5 inches
Width 13 inches

Best Budget Cat Backpack


Innovative Traveler Backpack

Product Specs

Weight Limit 18 lbs
Width 11.4 inches
Length 12.6 inches
Height 16.5 inches

best cat backpack with fan


Ventilated Pet Backpack Carrier

Product Specs

Weight Limit 17 lbs
Width 11.8 inches
Length 13 inches
Height 17.7 inches

best cat backpack that closely resembles a regular backpack


Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack

Product Specs

Weight Limit 18 lbs
Height 16.3 inches
Width 10.2 inches
Length 12.5 inches

best cat backpack with lockable zippers


Foldable Cat Backpack Carrier

Product Specs

Weight Limit 15 pounds
Length 16.5 inches
Width 11 inches
Height 13 inches

best clear bubble cat backpack


Clear Bubble Cat Backpack Carrier

Product Specs

Weight Limit 10 lbs
Length 13 inches
Height 16.5 inches
Width 10.5 inches

best cat backpack for multiple cats


Double-Compartment Pet Carrier Backpack for 2 Cats

Product Specs

Weight Limit 24 lbs
Length 14.6 inches
Height 21.6 inches
Width 11.2 inches

What to look for when shopping for a cat backpack

✔️ Weight Limit: First and foremost, make sure the cat carrier you’re considering can hold the weight of your cat.

✔️ Ventilation: Ventilation and air flow will be key to keep your cat safe. Cat backpacks should have multiple vents in the form of holes or mesh so cats can breathe well, plus not get too hot. “Making sure the temperature and ventilation are good is very important and part of your responsibility as an owner,” reminds Dr. Cuevas.

✔️ Entry and Exit Points: You’ll have to get your cat in and out of the carrier. And, depending on the cat, this may be easy or hard. Top openers are the easiest to get hesitant cats through because they let gravity do the work, as opposed to pushing your cat in from a side opening, which gives them the opportunity to run away easily. “Never force the cat to get into it or to stay inside if it looks stressed,” Dr. Cuevas warns.

✔️ Locking Mechanisms: Cats can be pretty strong and brilliant. Many can use their nose, teeth, or paws at an opening to create an escape route. For this reason, some cat carriers and cat backpacks come with zippers that lock.

✔️ Window: Cats will want to see what’s going on around them for their own comfort. Whether mesh or clear plastic, your cat will need a way to see their outside world. After all, what’s the point of going for a walk with them if they can’t enjoy it? It’ll also help ease their anxieties.

✔️ Your Comfort: Since you’ll be carrying the bag, consider how easy it’ll be to lug the backpack around. Look for bags with cushioned straps that are lightweight to begin with — your back will thank you.

  • Do cats enjoy being in backpacks? It really depends on the cat, says Cuevas. Some cats might be spooked and feel anxious about being in a backpack and taken out of their home. Some cats may be fine with it. Since cats can be fickle creatures, you won’t know if it’s OK for your particular cat or not until the time comes when you give it a try. That said, you should be cognizant of your cat’s needs and ensure their comfort, or you’ll see behavioral issues with your kitty as a result.
    “Spending the time to get the cat properly desensitized to the backpack before attempting to place them inside to go out on a trip is a great start,” explains Cuevas. “Use the power of positive reinforcement and pair the backpack experience with your cat’s favorite treats. Your cat will associate backpack trips with good outcomes and shortly look forward to them.”
  • Are cat backpacks OK for cats? The short answer is yes, but as with any pet product, it depends. Make sure you’re factoring in your cat’s weight and size, and using a quality product the way it’s intended.
  • How can I keep my cat safe in the backpack? “As a responsible owner, you should make sure the cat is calm and comfortable inside the backpack, monitor the temperature, and avoid any risk of heatstroke,” advises Cuevas. “During long trips, you should allow regular breaks to offer drinking water and allow the cat to use a litter box, so a traveling litter box is a must for longer trips.
  • How long can a cat be in a cat backpack? Healthy cats really shouldn’t stay in any carrier — backpack or otherwise — longer than six hours. And take water and litter box breaks every three hours, Cuevas reminds. If your cat has health issues, it might be less, and it depends on the situation and the cat. Ideally, cat backpacks should just be used for the length of a walk or a hike, so your cat can safely enjoy the outdoors.

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