September 24, 2023

6 Little-Known, Rarely Used Perks of Travel Credit Cards

Image source: Getty Images A good travel credit card can do much more than reward…

6 Little-Known, Rarely Used Perks of Travel Credit Cards

Image source: Getty Images

A good travel credit card can do much more than reward you for making travel purchases.

Key points

  • Travel cards can be valuable to frequent travelers — but it’s important to use all of your card’s perks.
  • Some little-known benefits, like purchase protection, premium hotel perks, and statement credits, go unused.
  • Find out which other travel credit card perks you may be missing out on.

For frequent travelers, a travel rewards credit card can be beneficial. These cards offer rewards when you use your card to book travel expenses, and they frequently include other benefits. Even travel cards with affordable annual fees can offer enough benefits to be well worth the cost.

You may know about some of the more common benefits that some travel cards have, like trip delay and cancellation insurance, airport lounge access, and no foreign transaction fees — but you may be missing out on lesser-known perks. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

1. Cellphone protection

Some rewards credit cards and travel credit cards include cellphone protection. If something happens to your phone while on a trip, this perk can help you save money. After all, phones aren’t cheap, and they’re easy to break when you’re on the go.

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It’s worth noting that most cards require you to pay your cellphone service bill with your card to be eligible to make a claim. Now is an excellent time to make sure you’re doing that.

2. Statement credits

Some travel credit cards include valuable statement credits. You could get statement credit for airplane, hotel, and dining purchases.

Statement credits work by lowering your credit card balance when you make an eligible purchase — so it’s like free money.

This benefit could help you stretch your vacation budget further. Be sure to check whether your travel card offers this kind of benefit so you don’t let it go to waste.

3. The ability to transfer rewards to travel partners

Some travel credit cards allow you to transfer your points or miles to travel partners. This gives you more flexibility in how you use your rewards.

Transferring your credit card miles or points to an airline or hotel partner could get you more value from your rewards. A more common redemption option, such as redeeming for cash back, is typically not the best way to maximize your rewards.

4. Purchase protection

Your travel card may include purchase protection benefits. When you use your card to make eligible purchases, you could be protected if your item breaks, or is lost or stolen. You’ll be covered up to a certain dollar amount for many days after making a new purchase. This could be a valuable perk if you’re planning to buy new travel gear before your next trip.

5. Premium hotel perks

Some premium travel rewards cards include premium hotel perks. You may be able to get a free upgrade, enjoy complimentary daily breakfast, or other benefits when booking with a participating hotel chain. What a way to make your next trip more memorable!

6. Travel and emergency assistance

Many credit cards also include travel and emergency assistance benefits. If you have this perk, your card issuer will provide you with a phone number to call if you need help with medical referrals or other emergency assistance while traveling. While this service is free, you’re responsible for paying for any costs associated with your care.

A travel rewards credit card can be a great tool to have in your wallet. You can earn rewards on your travel spending and get access to available perks that make your trip easier and better.

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