May 28, 2024

4 Pet-Friendly Hotels With No Pet Fees

4 Pet-Friendly Hotels With No Pet Fees
A family and their dog in a car on a road trip.

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Ready to travel with your pet?

Key points

  • Many hotels allow pets, but it’s not uncommon for human guests to be charged an additional pet fee. 
  • Pet-friendly hotels like Kimpton Hotels and Magnolia Hotels allow you to bring your furry companion along at no extra cost. 

Headed on vacation and want to bring your furry pal along? You’ll need to consider where you stay. Not all hotels are pet-friendly, and many hotels that allow pets charge additional fees. You can bring your furry companion and avoid these fees if you stay at the right place. Keep reading to find out which pet-friendly hotels don’t charge pet fees. 

1. Kimpton Hotels

The boutique chain Kimpton Hotels is an excellent place to stay if you’re traveling with a pet. Guests can bring their pets free of charge. Even better, there are no size, weight, or breed 

restrictions. Pet care amenities like water and food bowls, and pet beds are also available.

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2. Magnolia Hotels

Magnolia Hotels welcomes furry travelers. All furry, four-legged creatures can stay free of charge, and there are no size or breed restrictions. No more than two pets may occupy each guest room. All pets must be on a leash or caged when outside your room. 

3. Motel 6

Motel 6 invites pets to stay at no extra cost. All service animals and well-behaved pets are welcome to stay with their human companions for free. Only two pets are allowed per room. It’s worth noting that Motel 6’s Studio 6 locations do charge pet fees. 

4. Virgin Hotels

Virgin Hotels is another pet-friendly hotel chain. The hotel provides pet-friendly amenities like dog beds and doesn’t charge extra fees when you bring your favorite furball. There are no breed or size restrictions, either.   

Are you ready to book a hotel for you and your furry friend? Review current pet policies before making a reservation. Policies can change anytime, so you want to be informed in advance to avoid surprise charges that make your trip more expensive. 

Not all pet-friendly hotels let pets stay for free 

As you begin researching accommodation options, beware of hotels that market themselves as pet-friendly. Pet-friendly may come at an extra cost. Many hotel chains allow pets to stay, but they charge additional pet fees. Some hotels charge a daily pet fee, while others charge a per-stay fee. Knowing what to expect before you arrive can help you stay on budget. 

Don’t forget about vacation rentals

If there are no fee-free pet-friendly hotels at your destination, other options exist. You can choose to stay at a pet-friendly hotel that charges fees. You might also consider booking a vacation rental instead of a hotel. You can use websites like Vrbo and Airbnb to book a place. You can find pet-friendly rentals by filtering the search results. 

One thing to remember is that rental property hosts may charge a pet fee. This is an additional charge on top of the rental rate, and it’s up to the host to decide if they impose a fee. You may find rentals that don’t charge additional fees for pets. You can always compare fees before booking to find a solution that fits your vacation budget. 

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