July 24, 2024

14 Best Travel Essentials for Spring

14 Best Travel Essentials for Spring

Even though spring isn’t for a few more weeks, I’ve already got all of my exciting spring trips booked, which means that I need to refresh my travel bag with new seasonal essentials, clothes, and gadgets. But as frequent jet-setters know, spring travel is never a one-fits-all experience. For example, I live in New York City, but I’ll be spending half of March in Sweden and the other half in Florida, and then I have a few weddings sprinkled in throughout the spring season, too. During each of these trips, I’ll be experiencing varying climates, so that’s why I’m prioritizing versatile travel essentials that will make each visit a breeze.

If you’re also rethinking your travel bag contents before the new season begins, then you’ve come to the right place. I’m sharing everything that I’m eyeing for spring travel this year, complete with stain-fighting sticks and a buy-it-for-life rain coat to make my (and hopefully your) future trips stress-free. And even better, items start at just $8, so there’s really not a better time to build the perfect spring travel bag than now.

Apple AirTag 4-Pack


All of this upcoming travel leaves plenty of opportunities for my personal belongings and luggage to get lost, stolen, or misplaced, so I’m stocking up on Apple AirTags while they’re on sale for under $20 apiece, and I highly encourage that you to do the same. Attach one to your suitcase to keep a closer eye on your checked luggage, to your wallet to safeguard your cards, and your purse to protect your personal belongings (or all three).

Everlane Utility Barrel Pants


Barrel-style pants may just be the best trend of the season for travelers thanks to their easy-to-style look and incredibly comfortable fit. I am personally obsessed with this sustainably made and durable pair from Everlane and am excited to dress them up and down when I’m abroad. It also doesn’t hurt that they have incredibly deep pockets to hold onto my keys, phone, and Chapstick. I’m considering snagging a few more pairs in other colors, and suggest that you do the same.

Rerishom Store Portable Door Lock Set


You can really never be too careful, especially when you’re staying in a hotel, Airbnb, or vacation rental. So as an extra line of defense, I’m planning on always traveling with these portable door locks , which come recommended by flight attendant Alexis Castroman (@casflightattendant) as a “great level of protection when staying in a hotel.” Each door lock is easy to set up, incredibly lightweight, and an effective way to keep you safe when you’re catching some Zs.

iWalk Portable Charger


I’m trying to travel as lightly as possible this year, so I’m eyeing this sleek and compact portable charger that shoppers say “doesn’t require a charging cable, charges so fast, is light as a feather, and is so easy to bring anywhere.” Really though, it’s no larger than a tube of Chapstick or lipstick yet is incredibly powerful and charges your devices with ease. Get it on sale for 20 percent off today by clipping the on-site coupon.

JBL Endurance Peak 3 Headphones


I love my JBL over-ear headphones, especially in the winter as makeshift earmuffs. But as the temperatures start to rise, I’ll need something that’s lightweight and easier to run around in. As a big JBL fan already, I’m shopping these wireless earbuds, which the brand notes offer up to 50 hours of playtime, for my springtime audio entertainment when I’m on the plane, at the gym, and beyond.

Tide To Go Stain Remover Stick Set


I’m an incredibly clumsy eater, which is why I always make sure to have a Tide To Go Stick handy in my travel purse. I go through them pretty quickly, so I’m planning on refreshing my stash with this set of three that’s just $8. I’m also going to a few weddings and am prepared to be the savior of any mid-ceremony mishaps. They’re lightweight, incredibly effective, and absolute travel-musts in my opinion.

Fjallaven Kanken Mini Pack Backpack


And because, of course, I have to rep Sweden-based Fjallraven during my trip to Sweden, I’m eyeing this absolutely stunning bright green backpack ahead of my upcoming trip. I’m a longtime fan of the brand, and swear by its products to provide both function and fashion, so I’m definitely looking forward to sporting this mini bag with tons of useful pockets around town. 

Touchland Hydrating Hand Sanitizer


I don’t know about you, but lately, all of my friends and family have been getting sick, so I’m taking extra precautions ahead of my trips to stay protected from germs. And as I’ve quickly learned, all hand sanitizers are not made equal – and some can actually be quite pungent and impractically packaged. Now, my hands-down favorite ones are these power mist sanitizing sprays from Touchland that not only fight germs, but are also made with good-for-you ingredients that moisturize your skin. Plus, its spray design ensures that there are no sticky messes or spills. Snag this set of three for just $30 — you won’t regret it.

Haus Labs PhD Lip Glaze

Haus Labs

I’ll set a disclaimer by saying that, while yes, I’m a huge Lady Gaga fan, my love for Haus Labs’ high-quality, better-for-you beauty products is just a coincidence. You may think that this wouldn’t be considered a travel essential, but for me it absolutely is. I’m always trying to look and feel my best wherever I am, and out of all of the lip products on the market right now, this product outperforms them with its hydrating and luxurious feel. Where other lip glosses can feel sticky, this one feels more like a nourishing balm that also happens to keep me looking fabulous — even if I’m sleep deprived.

Veken Packing Cubes Set


Packing cubes are year-round travel staples, and as part of my spring cleaning and refresh, I’m replacing my worn-out ones by stocking up with this on-sale Amazon set. They not only help you compress your belongings to make more room in your suitcase, but they also help you organize your clothes, toiletries, and shoes so you can stay on top of your travel bag. With as much traveling as I’m doing this season, I know for a fact that I’ll need this set of packing cubes on my side.

Anrabess Women’s Two-Piece Sweater Set


After reading a review from a shopper gushing that this adorable sweater set is “comfortable to wear for long trips and it doesn’t wrinkle,” I immediately added it to my cart. Sometimes, it’s hard to find comfortable clothes that work between seasons to keep you warm without overheating, and this breathable-yet-cozy sweater set seems to perfectly fit the bill and make the perfect travel outfit. Better yet, it’s on sale for $40 today.

Buff Merino Wool Beanie


I have a plethora of cold-weather hikes and camping trips planned in the next few weeks, so I’m stocking up on warm essentials to keep me extra toasty during them all. I recently tried this beanie from Buff, and was beyond impressed by its comfort, warmth, and fit. Even better, it’s made with merino wool, which is moisture-wicking and odor-resistant for functional, longtime outdoor wearing.

Patagonia Women’s Boulder Fork Rain Jacket


I recently became hooked on Reddit’s Buy It For Life subreddit, and read about how Patagonia is a widely trusted activewear brand for its durable outerwear and garments. And as I’m on my own personal journey in condensing my travel wardrobe into practical staples, this latest launch is going to be an essential as we enter the rainiest season of the year. It’s waterproof, breathable, and durable enough for anything on your itinerary. Buy this jacket, and it may just be the only one you’ll ever need to purchase.

Gola Classics Women’s Tennis Mark Cox Sneakers


I’ve got a feeling that green is going to become the next “It” color of the season, so I’m shopping these top-rated and incredibly cute Gola sneakers to sport on the pickleball court, at the airport, and during any of my other spring plans. While white sneakers continue to be a closet staple of mine, the slight green hue adds an eye-catching touch to the wardrobe staple that makes it stand out just enough while still being incredibly versatile.

Comrad Cotton Crew Compression Socks


If you didn’t know, compression socks are incredibly useful for relieving pressure and ankle swelling on long-haul flights and during hikes. And while there are plenty of knee-high length pairs available, I found this on-sale set of crew-length compression socks from celebrity-loved brand Comrad that are easier to style and wear on a daily basis, and are especially beneficial for any and every outdoor adventure that you have planned this season.

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