May 23, 2024

10 Travel Essentials That Are ‘In’ for 2024

10 Travel Essentials That Are ‘In’ for 2024

TikTok has officially done away with New Year’s resolutions, instead ushering in a fresh trend for 2024: the “in” and “out” list. The idea is that users share what habits they’re ditching and what positive finds they’re replacing them with moving forward. 

As you can guess, there are plenty of “ins” and “outs” within the realm of travel gear — and as a travel writer myself, I have lots of thoughts about what’s actually useful to bring along. From comfier-than-ever travel pillows to genius cord organizers, these are the 10 affordable, game-changing products I’m eyeing for all my 2024 trips — and what I’m leaving in the past.

In: Compression Packing Cubes


Out: Traditional packing cubes

Packing cubes completely transformed my travel experience in 2023, and I can confidently say that I’m the most organized I’ve ever been on vacation thanks to this handy hack. But while traditional packing cubes have their benefits, compression packing cubes go one step further by maximizing your packing space while simultaneously helping you stay neat and tidy. This set of four cubes from Bagail saves up to 60 percent of the space in your luggage, according to the brand, and can store anything from bulky winter sweaters to lighter gear. Plus, they’re on sale for 33 percent off right now.

In: Memory Foam Neck Pillows


Out: Plush neck pillows

A neck pillow can make a major impact on your flight by providing cushioning for a more sound sleep. But where plushy, traditional neck pillows fall short is in failing to offer stability to your neck, which can lead to your head lolling around and causing discomfort. So, may 2024 be the year of sturdier, memory foam neck pillows that actually provide the essential support needed to keep you sleeping soundly during your overnight flight while remaining packable and convenient. This thoughtfully designed option from Napfun boasts improved support from all angles and is made with material that’s ultra-soft against the skin for a superior in-flight experience.

In: Blanket and Pillow Duos


Out: Airline blankets

Finally, we can do away with dingy airplane blankets once and for all. This pillow and blanket set is not only comfy and an “absolute game-changer” according to reviewers, but it’s also easy to pack. This convenient set easily packs into itself and can be hooked onto your luggage without taking up precious space within your bag. It’s even made with incredibly soft, plush fabric which will bring a feeling of home to your adventures.

In: Collapsible Water Bottles


Out: Airplane beverages

At this point, it’s been well-documented that you should avoid drinking water on planes at all costs according to a viral TikTok from a flight attendant. However, it’s still important to remain hydrated while taking to the sky, so this collapsible water bottle is the perfect solution for meeting your water intake requirements without buying an overpriced bottle at the airport. Simply fill it up at a fountain before boarding, and you’ll never have to worry about the unclean water tanks on planes ever again. It’s leakproof, packable, and even great for bringing along during sightseeing outings during your trip.

In: Compression Socks


Out: Ankle socks

We’re calling it: 2024 is the year that we all start traveling with compression socks to preempt the swelling and discomfort that extended periods spent in the air can cause. These best-selling socks from Charmking are cozy enough to keep your feet insulated during your flight if the air conditioning is blasting while promoting sufficient blood flow and, in turn, reducing fatigue. This set has earned more than 48,200 five-star ratings from happy customers who love these socks for everything from travel to everyday wear during pregnancy, not to mention they’re on sale for as little as $14 right now.

In: Foot Hammocks


Out: Lack of legroom

Most of us don’t have the luxury of sitting in first class while we’re traveling, which usually means that legroom is scarce. However, this simple airplane foot hammock from Basic Concepts can remedy that by simply hooking onto your seatback tray table and instantly allowing you to stretch your legs while offering additional support. Right now, this handy travel accessory is on sale for an impressive 44 percent off and is easily adjustable so people of all heights can enjoy a more relaxing flight experience. Never again will you have to deal with the cramping and poor circulation that comes from a long-haul flight in coach.

In: Portable Chargers


Out: Low phone battery

There’s nothing quite like the panic of boarding your flight with a low-battery phone, only to find that there’s no accessible charging port at your seat. But with a compact portable charger in your bag, even this won’t ruin your flight as you can use your phone as much as you need without worrying about losing a charge. The Iniu portable charger is an Amazon’s Choice product — and for good reason. Currently on sale for a whopping 40 percent off, this packable device boasts high-speed charging and even holds more than three full iPhone’s worth of battery to get you through the day fully plugged in and on the grid. 

In: Phone Mounts


Out: Holding your phone while watching an in-flight movie

Not every plane comes fitted with seatback screens, so if you’re still looking to enjoy your entertainment during the flight without having to hold your phone the entire time, this Perilogics phone mount is about to change the game. Simply clipping onto your upright tray table, this adjustable phone holder allows you to watch your favorite downloaded movies or shows at a comfortable angle so you can tuck yourself into your blanket and properly relax. There’s no reason every flight shouldn’t feel like it’s spent in first class while this handy device is on sale for just $10.

In: Cord Organizers


Out: Knotted cords

Being organized is “in” for 2024, and that extends to everything from packing your clothing to the tangle of cords that’s surely stuffed into your carry-on while traveling. This convenient and slim storage case from Bagsmart is the best way to avoid ruining or losing your cables while traveling, so you can rest assured that everything will remain exactly where you left it throughout your trip. Especially when packing anything more than just a phone charger, this pouch will be an invaluable asset during your next vacation. 

In: Contoured Eye Masks


Out: Flat eye masks

Long-haul flights generally entail sleeping on the plane, and from overhead reading lights to the glare of surrounding phones, you may struggle to find peace without an eye mask. However, if you’re anything like me, regular eye masks can feel compressive against your face, resulting in a claustrophobia that’s best avoided. This contoured eye mask is a simple and comfortable solution that’s sure to make your flight more enjoyable by blocking out the light without adding undue pressure to your face in the process. Better yet, this eye mask is even on sale for 62 percent off at Amazon for a limited time.

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