How to install Mashup


  • Hernan

    Hi i just need to tell about the new update get in on mash up is working very bad on new links added is not like the old version please fix this this is my top app on my product thank you

  • jen

    i need help ive got sound but no picture what can i do? cant get live streams either

    • daniels

      Go to System- Settings – Video – bottom Settings level (basic change to advanced) – Acceleration – only Allow hardware acc. (libestagefright) OR see that:

      • jen

        i dont have that on my box it says library playback file lists subtitles and dvds?

  • Dean Fitzgerald

    Guys!!!need help,every time I go to play a movie on mash up says URL missing etc,what do I do to sort it so I can watch again!what have I done :-(((

  • Aamer Mh

    quits everytime i try to open it

  • S.E. A

    Love it…Thank you

  • Michael L Pinkston

    Can anybody help please in mashup live stream I get error message fail is there a fix what should I do

  • Michael L Pinkston

    High I have the same problem is there a fix on ilive stream and what is py

  • Tammy Sargeant

    Anyone else still having problems with the live stream section? I keep getting an error. Also, is k1m50 streams not working anymore?

    • Martin Dunn

      i am have you found a fix

  • Pettini

    Hi, when in mash up live streams, I keep getting an error message stating. Scrip failed plugin video movie.25. Can I be advised how to go forward? Thank you.

    • michael dottin

      Hi, I’m having the same problem, have you found a solution yet?

      • Pettini

        Nope. Hopefully someone will give us a solution.

  • Pettini


  • Andreas Ioannou Complete XBMC Guide with addons (For Beginners)

  • LarryA2010

    I just installed the latest version of ‘SuperRepo All’. Is it OK to install Mash Up from there or is it better to download the installer from here?

  • AnanymousBecauseIcan

    Does MashUp work on the latest version of Kodi? Or should I still stick with 13.2. I’m still trying to figure out how to properly install the plugin for MacOSX but having issues (I’m sure user fault). Are there written instructions anywhere?


    • AnanymousBecauseIcan

      Well, I’ve followed all the directions as closely as I could for both XBMC and KODI and I get the same results. When I Click on VIDEO/ADD ONS/MASH UP all of Kodi or XBMC crashes completely, every time.

  • Jack

    Hi wondering if u can help
    When I click on VIP playlists none are working eg hackersmill stael newpiratebay one247

  • PcMac_Genius

    Hello, I do have rooted FireTV with Gotham 13.2 and I also get Downloading 0% from Repository 1.9. Anything new on this?

  • Piccio 071

    I tried to install from repo version 1.9 but it’s the same think…

  • mash2k3

    Install Mashv1.4.0 from repo version 1.9

  • mash2k3

    Fixed on the last update

    • Johnty

      Still having the same issue, even uninstalling and reinstalling the new update the Mashup is crashing XBMC, attached you can see the error message. Thank you for any help you might have.

  • pitmaster

    Hi. I followed the installation video (I7m a mac user) but when i try to start MashUp i got this message (in attachment). Can you please help?

    • mash2k3

      uninstall mash and install from repo version 1.9

  • Nick

    I followed the video above and when i install on Gotham 13.2 it wont download and says does not have the correct structure, anyone know what im doing wrong

  • Trevor

    Since upgrading to Gotham 13.2, XBMC crashes every time I try to open MashUp. It happens on both of my Macs. One is running OSx10.9.4 and the other is on OSX 10.6.8. Anything I can do?

    • HackerMil

      Hey bud, head over to the forum so our moderators can pin down what’s going on.

      • Trevor

        Is there a specific area in the forum that I should repost this to? Thanks.

        • Carbon

          you can register and gain access to our live chat box. it’s the best place to start

    • mash2k3

      The last update should fix this issue trevor

  • Hunter Kindle

    Today I Installed Mashup, and when I launch it says Failed to Import Needed Modules. No module named resource.libs and to report missing module here

    • Hackermil

      Source issue should be all fixed now

    • Carbon

      Source issue should be all fixed now

    • mash2k3

      sometimes it is required that u manually delete folder in xbmc folder
      for more info check forums

  • Carbon

    not a stupid question! we are actually working on this issue. we just upgraded our services and are still migrating our data. please check out our forum link at the top of the page for the latest Mashup updates. We’ll have these issues fixed soon! sorry for the inconvenience

  • Hotbaws

    Hi Guys,

    I’ve just reinstalled Raspxmbc on my friends pi and installed Mashup 1.4 but it just hangs at ‘Downloading 0%’

    I’ve followed the instructions but just can’t seem to get past this, I’ve installed it a few times so I’m fairly confident in what I’m doing (double checked the URLS are correct etc)

    Any ideas?


    • Carbon

      our devs are working on a solution to this issue. please stay tuned for updates

  • Shannon Stark

    After installing in file manager when you go to:
    Install from zip/Repo/
    the Actual Mashup zip is missing.

    • Carbon

      Hi Shannon, sorry for the inconvenience. We are aware of the problem, and our developers are working on a solution. Please check out our forum at to check on the status of this issue.

      • Shannon Stark

        Thanks for getting back to me. Mashup is my fave. Love it.

  • Keith Micallef

    since installing Gotham 13.2 on OSX Mashup just crashes and I have to reopen xbmc.

  • okayusa

    mashup is hands down the best add on for xbmc. Love this add on. Only one i use.

    • Carbon

      glad we could help! enjoy, more updates on the way.

  • mark

    When i go to Install from zip and select mashup no folders appear so i’m not able to choose the repository folder. can your help please?

    • Hackermil

      Please make sure the source url is entered correctly. “” if still no luck please head over to our forum so our guys can narrow down your problem and get you up and running :)

  • Geo

    Hi guys, I’m struggling to download Mash up. What am I doing wrong???

    • Hackermil

      Need more detail then that brother .. please follow the directions on vid step by step and if still no luck come to our forum for further help

  • carl pinder

    I really appreciate your directions to download “Mashup” I am enjoying it. thanks very much

    • Carbon

      More videos are on the way! stay tuned to our forum for the latest mashup news.

  • Reynir

    Picture 13/21 does not look the same.

    in other words i dont get but instead i get

    • Hackermil

      Yes screens are out dated.. We have removed them for now. We are moving in an all video direction soon. so won’t need it. If you need help installing still use video.

      • Joel Green

        Hi, apologies if this is a silly question, Im new to this. Im getting the same issue as Reynir but don’t really understand your explanation. Without Mash2k3, when I go to “Get Addons” (step after installing repository), there’s no “All add ons by Mash2k3″ on there which means I can’t actually follow any more of the video instructions. Am I missing something?! Thanks!

  • Dave

    Hi I couldn’t use the fix for the latest mashup update so I uninstalled mashup and no I can’t reinstall it, can you help ?

    • Hackermil

      Please go to our forum for further support so our guys there can narrow down your issue

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