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  • Keith Micallef

    since installing Gotham 13.2 on OSX Mashup just crashes and I have to reopen xbmc.

  • okayusa

    mashup is hands down the best add on for xbmc. Love this add on. Only one i use.

    • Carbon

      glad we could help! enjoy, more updates on the way.

  • mark

    When i go to Install from zip and select mashup no folders appear so i’m not able to choose the repository folder. can your help please?

    • Hackermil

      Please make sure the source url is entered correctly. “” if still no luck please head over to our forum so our guys can narrow down your problem and get you up and running :)

  • Geo

    Hi guys, I’m struggling to download Mash up. What am I doing wrong???

    • Hackermil

      Need more detail then that brother .. please follow the directions on vid step by step and if still no luck come to our forum for further help

  • carl pinder

    I really appreciate your directions to download “Mashup” I am enjoying it. thanks very much

    • Carbon

      More videos are on the way! stay tuned to our forum for the latest mashup news.

  • Reynir

    Picture 13/21 does not look the same.

    in other words i dont get but instead i get

    • Hackermil

      Yes screens are out dated.. We have removed them for now. We are moving in an all video direction soon. so won’t need it. If you need help installing still use video.

  • Dave

    Hi I couldn’t use the fix for the latest mashup update so I uninstalled mashup and no I can’t reinstall it, can you help ?

    • Hackermil

      Please go to our forum for further support so our guys there can narrow down your issue

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